Into the Woods




Into The Woods is the spirited, perplexing, delightful Stephen Sondheim musical that combines the characters from “Little Red Riding Hood", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Rapunzel", and "Cinderella" to go into a “…a dark, enchanted wilderness to discover who they are and how they might grow up and overcome the eternal, terrifying plight of being alone.” – NY Times.

Director: Glynna Goff
Musical Director: Sharyn Peterson
Assistant Director: Kat Rose Agnew
Stage Manager: Friday Celia-Zoellner
Producers: Joe Bowen, Laurie Cottingham, Peter Wheeler

Thank you again to all of the nearly 100 wonderful auditioneers who auditioned for Into the Woods - Our producers and directors were stunned and amazed by the overwhelming turnout of so many talented actors and singers!


  • Florinda  |  Quinn Wyckoff
  • Lucinda  |  Alex Bowen
  • Cinderella's Father  |  Will Crow
  • Rapunzel  |  Lauren Cline
  • Witch  |  Adia Bowen
  • Rapunzel's Prince  |  Ammon Palmer
  • Narrator  |  Truxtan McCoy
  • Sleeping Beauty  |  Viviane Brown
  • Snow White  |  Lacy Rae
  • Steward  |  Andy Buchanan
  • Mysterious Man  |  Moses Marlin
  • Baker  |  Josh Sharpe
  • Baker's Wife  |  Sierra Jones
  • Little Red  |  Maya Marshall
  • Red's Grandma  |  Jocelyn Lovett
  • Wolf  |  Nate Wheeler
  • Jack  |  Brayden Bowman
  • Jack's Mother  |  Jenna Jordan
  • Cinderella  |  Emma Gates
  • Cinderella's Prince  |  Adrian Lane
  • Cinderella's Mother  |  Lacy Rae
  • Stepmother  |  Kenzie Sharpe

Director's Thoughts on Into The Woods

Into The Woods takes well-known folk and fairy tale characters, and in many ways returns them back to their original intentions.  These stories evolved as tools to help people navigate their way through the human experience, and these stories have retained their relevance because the human experience remains the same across time and culture.

With this production I hope to highlight the connection we, as residents of Skagit County and beyond, in 2018, have to the characters, and to our fellow human beings.  We can still learn from these stories, and see ourselves in these characters.  Indeed, just as the song proclaims, we are not alone. The path has been illuminated by the generations who have gone before us, and we will do the same for those who come after. 

- Glynna Goff, Director

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