META Performing Arts Presents

Stand and Deliver

Screenplay by Ramon Melendez & Tom Musca
Adapted by Robert Bella
Directed by Lindsey Bowen


Stand and Deliver

A true story about a modern miracle.

In 1982, a new troublemaker hit Garfield High. He was tough. He was wild. He was willing to fight.
He was the new math teacher and together with one class, they proved to America they could… Stand and Deliver.

Stand and Deliver is the real-life story of math teacher Jaime Escalante and his personal mission of challenging his students to rise to their full learning potential. This award-winning, underdog story challenges all of us to reflect on our personal and cultural beliefs about class, ethnicity, education, and our shared American Dream - The pursuit of happiness. And even though Stand and Deliver is now nearly 30 years old, it is just as relevant as ever to the expectations we create for our students, our community, and our nation.

September 29th - October 14th
Lincoln Theatre, Mount Vernon

Director: Lindsey Bowen | Assistant Director: Gabe Guevara